30 Jan, 2024

Interview with Emma Weaver

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“Life gives no one immunity against adversity, but life gives everyone the power of positive thought, which is sufficient to master all circumstances of adversity and convert them into benefits.” – Napoleon Hill

Are you feeling stressed out, anxious, and depressed? Have life’s challenges led you to the brink of hopelessness?

Depression and anxiety are just two of the mental illnesses that continue to affect millions of people all over the world. These have become major concerns because mental well-being impacts our psychological, emotional, social, physical, and economic states.

Most individuals afflicted with mental distress often do not speak out nor seek help for they feel ashamed and fear what other people might say or do. They do not want to be stigmatized nor rejected by others.

How then could they or even those in the midst of life’s most daunting challenges cope if they remain silent? How can we better manage stress and adversities?

These are some of the key points that my guest, Emma Weaver and I will delve into in this episode. Emma Weaver has worked in mental health services for over two decades and founded Mental Wealth International.

Listen in and get to know her more as we talk about grief, trauma, and mental well-being. We will also touch on Napoleon Hill’s book titled Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success.

You do not have to bear it alone nor suffer in silence. 

Reach out to us.

Be your authentic self.


~ Healing begins within your safe and healthy environment.

~ The best version of yourself is being true to your own self.

~ You can only find out who you are by going within.

~ It is better to love and have the courage to show up your best self.

~ Letting in too many external factors hinders you from appreciating yourself.

~ Being open to the fact that you have experienced something difficult allows you to deal with grief better.

Important stories:

~ 1:12 A background story on Emma Weaver.

~ 4:37 How to find out who you are – the better version of yourself.

~ 8:20 Napoleon Hill’s book – Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success.

~ 17:00 Emma Weaver’s experience with grief and trauma.

~ 27:50 Learning to love yourself and having a positive mental attitude.

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Happy beautiful day, it's Pete Cohen. It is the Mi365 podcast. Today's podcast is a very special interview with the awesome Emma Weaver. Emma is the founder of Mental Wealth International.
She spent years working in the field of mental health services. We had a beautiful conversation about personal development, dealing with grief, and it was just a real fantastic conversation.
Can't wait to share it with you. I'll see you with Emma after the theme tune. ♪ The greater things that are stuck inside my head ♪ ♪ Things that are stuck inside my head ♪ Okay,
Karen, thank you. We're sitting around your kitchen table. Emma. Oh, sorry. That's a good start. isn't it? - Somebody asked for both. - We know why I called you. We know why I called you, Karen, 'cause that's your sister's name.
- Exactly, and it's happened all week. - Yeah, well. - Both ways, both ways. - You're very similar. I'm not gonna cut that out, the podcast, by the way. - Really? - Well, I've met you because of your sister,
and I met Karen because I met her on, which is where I met you. I met, let's just get a few things out of the way. So I met. Karen on Clubhouse. We wrote a book together about Clubhouse,
which was amazing. Your sister was just one of the most kindest. One of those people, I just thought, there's a very, very strong connection here. And then of course, when I arrived at this castle where we are in Northern Ireland at Cromcastle,
I'd never actually seen her in the flesh. I walk into this room, I see her, and it's like, wow, I can't believe I'm here. And I can feel that there's just something... to be here sitting chilling around the kids on table and having all the chats.
So I am from Ireland. I live in a wee small county in Ireland called Framanna. I am the mum of three and I have been working in the mental health space for 24 years now,
25 maybe. The majority of them is managing mental health services across the trust in all different genres and all different areas. So probation, addiction, recovery,
all different areas and absolutely loved it. And people quite often ask me why I live in Framanna. what's your experience, what happened to you I suppose is the question that got you into that and to be honest with you my answer to that is I was doing a placement with the college and I walked into a room in one of my local support,
day support services and realised I knew most of the people in the room and did not know that they were getting additional support for their mental health needs or life's challenges whatever you want to call it and it was in that exact moment.
that I knew this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to support people. It's important to me, support people in their own communities, in their own environments to become the best version of themselves because quite often historically people were taken out of their times or out of their workplace or out of their environments to seek the support they needed.
But I actually believe it's within, healing begins within your environment, long to safe, so long.


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