16 Jan, 2024

It’s Not Where You Are. It’s Who You Are – My Story

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“Whether we realize it or not, it is our woundedness, or how we cope with it, that dictates much of our behavior, shapes our social habits, and informs our ways of thinking about the world.” – Gabor Maté

Where are you in your life right now? Is it where you really want to be? Do you know your true value?

We have been doing a deep dive into the very important subject of where you are, is not who you are, for several months now. Some of you may feel overwhelmed and think that it is impossible to move through your devastating circumstances.

Therefore, I have decided to share my story and give you a glimpse of where I am in my life right now. I hope to inspire and prove to you that no matter how challenging your situation is, you can overcome it.

I want to help and guide you as you maneuver along the path you must take.  You can transcend to be better than where and who you were.

In this episode, I am going to tell you about the things I have learned, the changes I have made, and how I have coped with the most difficult season of my life.

I am recovering. I am renewed. I am better than who I was. You can be too.

Don’t be a victim of life’s events.

Be greater. Be the author of your own life.


The benefits of stopping and reflecting on the experience of being you:

  • You realise what you are doing.
  • You see how your mind plays tricks on you and how you can conquer it.
  • It prevents you from living on repeat.
  • You can know your true self.

⚡️ Being intentional is focusing on your aim and doing what you need to do regardless of how you feel.

⚡️ The biggest resistance you face is the resistance within yourself.

⚡️ It is easy for us to ignore or resist any potential growth when we stay where we are.

⚡️ Therapy is a useful tool to make peace with your past.

⚡️ Authenticity is an inbuilt need of human beings.

Important stories:

🎯 2:55 Some of my major insights.

🎯 9:20 Knowing thyself.

🎯 12:30 Where my work has changed.

🎯 15:10 Authenticity, attachment, and trauma in relation to knowing who you are.

Send us a message and tell us what is your biggest takeaway about this episode. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


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About Pete Cohen: Pete Cohen is one of the world’s leading life coaches and keynote speakers. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have been motivated and inspired by Pete’s presentations. He has professionally impacted the lives of thousands of people worldwide, including business executives, professional athletes, and everyday people.  Pete focuses on the importance of closing the gap in our lives between where we are and where we want to be, both personally and professionally.

It’s then all about coaching you to remove the obstacles that are in your way and helping you install the habits of success.

Pete is the author of 20 published books, several of which have been best-sellers across the world, including Shut the Duck Up, Habit Busting, Life DIY, and Sort Your Life Out. He has also presented his own show on TV called The Coach and was the resident Life Coach on GMTV for 12 years.

Happy, beautiful day, it is Pete Cohen. It is the Mi365 podcast. In today's podcast, I'm gonna do a real overview of where I am right now in my life and who I am and who I'm choosing to become.
Now, for any of you that have been listening to the podcast, over the last few months, you know that myself and the awesome Dr. Ray have been doing a real deep dive into the all important subject of where you are and who you are.
are. But right now, I wanna give you a real taste of where I am in my life right now. And maybe this will inspire you to be a better version of yourself,
for you to be the person that you were made to be. I will see you after the theme tune. ♪ The greater things that are stuck inside my head ♪ Happy beautiful day,
it is Pete Cohen here and I just want to share some of my insights. The last 12 months, 18 months have gone. been beyond challenging and it's really fascinating the gold that can be found in the catastrophes that many of us face in life.
I am renewed, I am recovering, I am a better human being because of what I have decided to face.
But it's not a question of having... having to face I've had no choice when someone you love dearly passes away what are you supposed to do now I could say what are you supposed to do I don't know what you will do if you ever face this in your life which is something we're all gonna face every single one of us is going to face someone else's passing how we deal with that it's really fascinating and I found this
whole journey trainer started working with people in gyms and you are a coach people come to you because they are somewhere and they want to go somewhere and boy if I knew then if I knew if I knew then what I know now my course things would be so different but it's fascinating what I have gone through and what I've gone through how it's given me a different toolkit and it's just given me a completely new way of
looking at the world and that's what I want to talk about that's what I want to encourage you to stop and really take time to pause and reflect on what I'm saying because that's been one of my biggest lessons is the power of stopping it's really I believe when humans stop that we can actually look at what we're doing I remember someone saying to me many years ago we don't what we're doing and we're trying to look
at what we're doing and we're they won or whether they lost it was always the same thing it was well we stop and we reflect on what happened and reflection is such a skill a discipline a practice that is so underappreciated as to his intention I've always known about the power of intention but my wife was the most intentional human being I've ever met what do I mean by that well


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