10 Jul, 2018

Speaking engagement at The England Football Team Headquarters

I was delighted to be the keynote speaker at an important conference for physical education teachers at the home of the England football team, St Georges Park in Burton on Trent.

Here is a short video of the day including some behind-the-scenes footage of where the England football team practice.

The question is’ “is football coming home” with England winning the World Cup?

I believe they will but by the time most of you read this blog post, the World Cup will be over and most of us will go back to living our lives before the festival of football was played out for people all over the world.

As an inspirational speaker and coach I’m always curious as to what it takes for people to be as excited and motivated about watching people playing football, to being that fired up in their own life.

I believe that sometimes we put our own goals, dreams and ambitions on hold as we focus on things that are outside of our control but still give us feelings of satisfaction and some fulfilment.

I know what people are capable of doing and that we can all get re-inspired about our goals, dreams and ambitions and win our own personal World Cup in our work, our family and our lives.

It’s coming home are you?


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