"Who would have believed that such a simple approach could make changing habits such FUN?"

Install the Habits of Success

There is an old Chinese proverb of an inventor who asked for payment from the Emperor in grains of rice on a chess board. One grain on the first square, two grains on the second, four on the third and so on – doubling the quantity with every square. By the 64th square, he was owed 18 quintillion grains of rice – 2000 times the annual world production of rice. 

This is a classic example of the compounding effect. Just by making small improvements every day, you can transform your life and change the world. 

And that is why I created Stop One Start One – and app which includes  everything you need to install the habits of success.

It provides a daily intentions tracker which motivates you to get better every day. With Mi365 Start One Stop One you can:

  • Set daily intentions – Start One and Stop One habit at a time
  • Earn future self points and see your progress, so you are rewarded for your success.
  • Join challenges to start and stop habits with others in the community, encouraging you to stay on track.
  • Track your progress with a daily check-in on how well you did with your Start One and Stop One
  • Record your experiences in a daily journal. 
  • Celebrate your successes with the rest of the Start One Stop One community. 

The Mi365 Start One Stop One app includes online  content where you can get coached by Pete Cohen through his proven system, including

  • video masterclasses
  • worksheets
  • meditations
  • tools and techniques

all to help you make lasting change in your life.

With an investment of just 1% a day (just under 15 minutes) you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. 

Download the app here:



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“The measure of success as a keynote speaker and coach is not just relevance but impact. And not just the immediate impact on the day, but the lasting impact of the days, weeks and even years afterwards. It’s all about leaving an imprint and resonating with your entire audience. You create a buzz, people have had fun, they’re inspired by fresh insights and new interactions and they can’t wait to try them out for themselves.” 

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