28 Oct, 2018

The Helpless Leader

Do you need help?

Let’s be honest, most leaders do. They need help to create a flourishing business and to help people to be their very best.

Humans are social animals – we need relationships and the ability to express ourselves to others. We need to share our experiences and, most of all, we need to ask for help. Yet, people find it really difficult to talk (men more than women, in general) and that can make leadership a really lonely place.

Leadership, for me, is the art of seeing things from multiple perspectives. So often, we see the world in a binary way – right and wrong, good and evil, yes and no. That, as my coach always told me, is a naive way of thinking. Everyone has different ways of looking at thing, and, for every situation, there are as many perspectives as there are potential outcomes – more probably.

If you are working to become an inspiring leader, the ability to look at a situation in many different ways and to help your team to do the same is a vital skill to develop. If you can help people to see things differently – to think, “I never thought of it like that” that is when they will be ready to make lasting change.

So, tell me, in the comments below, Who do you talk to when you need a different perspective? Where do you go when you need to make sense of the world? And who comes to you, to help them?

Join the debate.


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