29 Feb, 2024

The Truth Of Where You Are

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“You will never find yourself until you face the truth.” – Pearl Bailey

What is the reality of where you are? Can your current circumstances support what you aspire to do?

Sometimes, life gives us challenges that throw us out of balance. Reality can hit hard and cause us to do things that harm ourselves to cope with what we are experiencing.

I, for one, am not immune to this. I am just like you. I am human with all my faults and deficiencies. I falter at times.

Today, I want to honestly share with you the truth about where I am, the reasons behind it, as well as the things I am going to do. It is quite ironic that, as a well-known health and fitness professional, I am now having afflictions with my well-being.

However, I refuse to be defined by the situation I am in. I will rise to the challenge and be who I truly am.

I invite you to come on this journey with me as I face the reality of where I am. I want to live and lead by example, to inspire and help you realise that you too can overcome life’s adversities.

The world is full of temptation. Reach out to us because there is nothing more empowering than having people that support you.

Email us at info@mi365.me if you want a copy of Hannah’s cookbook for a sugar-free and starchless diet.

Change your inner environment to achieve what you desire.

Be who you truly are.


~ Diseases arise because conditions are right.

~ It is difficult to say no when you feel helpless and have dependencies.

~ Food, particularly sugar, is a source of solace and addiction.

~ You need to stop and face the reality of where you are to realise your true self.

~ Changing your inner environment is key to better well-being.

Important stories:

~ 2:44 The reality of where I am now.

~ 8:26 Why I want to go public.

~ 12:37 My wife’s contribution to a healthy world.

~ 15:06 Getting on with the challenge.

~ 18:20 Facing reality to live by the preached principles.

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Pete Cohen (00:18.208)

two one two happy beautiful day it is Pete Cohen it is the Mi365 podcast today's podcast is called The Truth Of Where You Are. I'll see you after the theme tune


Pete Cohen (00:58.542)

Happy beautiful day. It is Pete Cohen and this is really gonna be some real honesty about where I am Right now my dad always said some honesty is the best policy and Before I started to record this morning just just a minute ago I didn't even know what I was gonna call the podcast and I just called it as I just spoke out because I


just as I was about to speak out I was going to say the truth of where I am or the truth of who I am. Oh that was an interesting thing to think about because I've chosen the truth of where I am as opposed to the truth of who I am. Why? Who knows? Maybe you have your opinion about that based on what I'm about to say. Because I'm facing the truth of where I am. You know the numbers don't lie.


of where I am right now. Look, if you had a company and they were looking at your books and how much money is going in and out, all of those sorts of things, the numbers just don't lie. And when it comes to being well and being healthy, there are numbers that just don't lie. And measuring is a massive part now of health and wellbeing. And for any of you that have followed any of my work, you know that I built a career.


really based on weight loss. That was my big area. I was on TV on something called Inch Loss Island. I had a weight loss program that was bought by a big medical insurance company in 2003. And it's something I'm extremely well known for. And lots of people would say I am a pivotal person in helping them not just lose weight, but be healthy. This whole thing around the Magnificent Seven, which was something that was an idea I took from one of the top.


nutritional functional medicine doctors in the world, transformation expert Dr. Rukowski around the Magnificent Seven. So I want to talk to you about where I am right now, because let's just be brutally honest, I am definitely pre diabetic. I can't even believe I'm saying that. But it is the truth. And I've really just been in denial about it until yesterday. Because yesterday, I decided to get one of these things you put in your arm and it shows you your


Pete Cohen (03:24.172)

blood sugar. I've done it before and because a couple of years ago and I was just in my diet was impeccable really I didn't really eat any sugar it was just you know didn't any chocolate nothing I just I say nothing I just ate what I believe to be a very healthy diet and for me my diet was always based on well how do I feel what are my symptoms you know I've not been to the doctor.


for so many years apart from having my prostate checked a few years ago, which I'm now gonna go and get that checked today. I'm gonna go and get my bloods done today, but the numbers don't lie. So basically I wanted to do this because I have done it before. And I just thought, you know what, I know things aren't right. And part of the reasons I know things aren't right is because my sleep has been really poor. I wear a ring called the aura ring, which is actually broken, but I'm just waiting for a new one to come today. And my sleep hasn't been good.


I have been going to the toilet to pee way too much. All signs that are like, hang on, there's something going on here, but I could just ignore the signs. I have been ignoring some of those signs, but I'm not going to ignore it anymore because I just know I owe it to myself and I actually owe it to my wife. I really, really do believe it's not a question of owing, it's more just a question to just get on with it. That was my wife's motto. Many of you know my wife passed away.


in May last year, 2023, after an incredible battle that started in 2011 when she was given 18 months to live. Now, hang on a second.


Pete Cohen (04:57.87)

I just reached to go and get a book. My wife and I wrote a book, the Team Hannah Cook book, because she changed her diet. Now, I'm going to talk about a few things here, but basically I'm putting it out there. I want to show the world what I'm doing. I want to show the world that regardless of where you are right now, your environment, there are things that we can all do to improve our health. Where I am right now is, yeah, I'm not in a good place.


and I want to do something about it because it's not who I am. Who I am is more than where I am. Now, when my wife was given 18 months to live, some of you who have listened to the podcast, you've heard this before, but some of you haven't. And then if you have, maybe it's a good thing just to reiterate this. So my background is in, I was a personal trainer. I studied nutrition. I studied psychology. I'm not a nutritionist. I'm not a psychologist, but I'm definitely a health and fitness professional.


And what's really interesting is this time next week, I'm actually going to be presenting at a convention of the URSA fitness convention, health and fitness convention. I'm the MC, I'm one of the speakers. And I first went there in 1996 and I'm going to be the front man of talking about, you know, of health and well -being. And on some levels, I'm incredibly...


healthy, but really I'm not because I'm lying because I think everything starts with nutrition, right? Everything starts with nutrition. So the fact that I exercise every single day, the fact that I walk 10, at least 10 ,000 steps every single day, I practice Wim Hof breathing, I, there's so many things I practice, but this thing, this element here is something that has been, I'd say abused, maybe that's too strong a word, or just haven't taken it seriously because of how I've been feeling about where I am.


Let's just go back to my wife. So she was given 18 months to live. And even before my wife got sick in 2011, I knew I met her in 2010. And I could tell that her health, there was a few things that just weren't right about her health. Really, she smoked, she drunk, she didn't eat very well. And it took her having a massive seizure and not being given very long to live that she decided to change. And she was an amazing example of someone who leaned in.


Pete Cohen (07:18.798)

to improving her health. I mean, just incredible. We went to America where she had this treatment and many people were following Hannah, Team Hannah. It was unreal to see what she did. And we went to go and see one of the top functional medicine doctors in the world. And I never forget going into his office. Now I knew who Dr. Rakowski was and because he was extremely well known, I used to speak at the big health fitness conventions and you'd hear his name being mentioned as the go -to guy for nutrition.


So we go and see him and we sit down. He does all these tests on my wife. And at the end, he then says, how does a tornado start? I'm thinking, why are you asking that question? And he says, how does a hurricane start? And we're going, don't know. They start because the conditions are right. How does cancer start? Conditions are right. Correct. How does diabetes start? The conditions are right. And they've already started. That environment exists in me right here.


right now. I'm looking at my blood sugar levels. It's 6 .4. And really, I've been up for a while. Really, my my blood sugar levels, if you really want to be like, you know, pretty healthy, which we can which we can all be, they need to be different to what they are right now. And I know that it's just a question of whether I really want to do something about it. Between 4 .8 and 5 .2 is the ideal range for blood sugar. So I got some work to do.


But I want to go public on this for a few reasons. One, because I can and I want to inspire other people. Two, because this is going to be good accountability for me. Yesterday I spoke to someone who I know extremely well and he also told me that he's been diagnosed with pre -diabetes, then diabetes and I was so surprised that he told me this. So surprised. Then he said that he was ashamed, a little bit ashamed of it. And I thought, really? Well, I kind of said, imagine being me.


where I'm extremely well known for health and wellbeing and now look at where I am. Plus the fact that the other day one of my friends, he died of prostate cancer. And I'm thinking, hmm. So all that time ago when I saw Dr. Bob and he said that to Hannah, I remember we left Dr. Bob's, in fact even before we left there was a poster on the wall and it said the magnificent seven for health. Magnificent seven for health are eat right, drink right, think right, talk right, move right, poo right, sleep right, every single day.


Pete Cohen (09:44.174)

the magnificent salmon. And I took that and I went away and my team in the UK here, we did something with it, we created a journal to really help people manage the seven key elements of health. Eat right, number one, drink right, think right, talk right, move right, sleep right, poop right. And it's incredible because that has helped so many people. But now it's time for me to really take the lead. Look, when my wife got re -diagnosed,


couple of years ago and when she got re -diagnosed.


Pete Cohen (10:21.87)

I took, I started taking real solids in food. I have done it before. I did it when my mum was diagnosed with lung cancer and not given very long to live. I took massive solids in Toblerones. Now, why did I do that? Well, I think from a very early age, I have used sugar when I've been in pain. I remember being at school actually. And when, if you fell over and hurt yourself, they gave you some sweets. And so I just started falling over on purpose.


I remember when I got money, the first thing I bought about with sweets and chocolate and to say I'm an addict. Well, I think everyone's got kryptonite. I've got addictive traits. So it's not surprising. Now that's no excuse. I'm not here to say, well, excuse me because of this. I'm just taking ownership of this. I'm taking ownership of where I am. And if I don't take ownership of where I am, then I know where this could go.


in terms of diabetes. I just know I've taught about diabetes management even in the 90s, early 90s when I became a gym manager of a gym, I sat down with I learned because I wanted to understand more. And now is the time to do something about it. So I invite you to follow me if you want to because I'm just going to be brutally honest today. I'm going to go and have these blood tests and get my prostate check. I'm going to really just go all out.


And I just got leaned behind me and brought down the team had a cookbook because I wanted to read something. This was a forward that Dr. Rokowski wrote. And I want to read this to you because Dr. Bob sent me a message yesterday. This is what he said. He said, eat more keto, follow Hannah's cookbook, looking back and then forward. She wrote that for you and her. This was, this was, she wrote this book for both of us and we followed this diet and my wife made the most miraculous.


recovery. She changed her inner world and my wife was never a victim of where she was. She was a victim of who she wanted to become and it's very difficult and very challenging if you find yourself in a situation where you feel helpless or you have dependencies on food, alcohol, drugs to be able to say no, enough's enough. It is difficult, it is challenging.


Pete Cohen (12:36.654)

I just want to do something about it. I want to do something about it for me first and foremost. I want to experience how great can my health actually be? How much self -control can I execute? Can I practice? I want to be a shining example to my future self. So this is the foreword. She goes, this is what Dr. Rakowski wrote. When I first met Hannah, I knew that I was standing face to face with an amazing fighter.


I've looked into the eyes of world heavyweight boxing champions, heavyweight wrestling champions, and have even put the gloves on the MMA fighters as they were preparing to step into the octagon. Hannah was a different type of fighter, one who was up against a much more dangerous opponent. Now, not someone who can knock you out with a punch or even someone who can break your arm the moment after you make the wrong move. Hannah's opponent was one


that sadly too many people are facing. Her opponent was cancer. In our first meeting, Hannah was still dazed from the sucker punch of all the diagnosis. No one expects that diagnosis, let alone a beautiful 27 year old. However dazed her spirit was, the sparkle in her eyes said, I want to win and I will do whatever it takes to win. Hannah quickly learned that the exclusive food of cancer is sugar.


Spartans chiefs, generals and others that understand the art of war know that if you cut off the supply lines to the enemy, you can eventually wear them out and win. Hannah embraced this strategy by incorporating a sugar -free, starch -free food plan. The diet would feed her body, mind and spirit and starve the cancer into submission. Thankfully, this strategy has worked for Hannah.


The even better news for all of that is this diet is good for blood sugar regulation and body composition and is consistent with that of our ancestors who ate thousands of years ago. After months of experimentation and the help of some great chefs, Hannah has learned to make some delicious and nutritious healthy meals. This book is her contribution to a healthy world. Incorporate these dishes, recipes into your diet and you'll reap the benefits. Thank you, Hannah.


Pete Cohen (14:57.582)

for your contribution to a healthier world, Robert Rukowski. And what's interesting is I look at a picture here of left of the forward, which was Hannah. And I took Hannah to meet someone who taught her how to cook, Fabienne. And Hannah said to me, she'll never get me to enjoy cooking. Hannah became an incredible, I'm looking at these recipes here, she just became just such an amazing example to me.


And I'm not going to beat myself up about this. I'm just going to do something about it. You know, I'm just going to do something about it. And you're more than welcome to join me on this journey. So what will I do? Well, I'll share the journey on social media. I'll get my blood tests done. I'll get my prostate checked. I'm going to share that with everybody. And I'm going to...


monitor my blood sugar levels. You know, I fast every day anyway. I don't eat till 12 o 'clock. But yesterday, it was fascinating yesterday, when I got this thing on my arm, the first thing I decided to eat, because I wanted to see what would happen, was I've got some porridge. Now I know oats really affect blood sugar levels for different foods affect different people in different ways. But really, when you want to see how healthy someone is, blood sugar is a great way of seeing what's happening when you're putting food into your system.


because we're only designed to have a very small amount of in our blood. And that's really just for our brain. And I ate this porridge and my blood sugar levels initially dropped a little bit, then they went up, then they went down, then they went up, and then they stayed relatively high. And it was just really, really obvious of what was actually going on.


So I wonder what your thoughts are on what I've just said.


Pete Cohen (16:50.926)

If you stop, because that's a key part of what Dr. Ray and I have been talking about for a long time. And actually Dr. Ray, really interesting. We had a fascinating conversation when we recorded the 11th episode of it's, you know, where you are isn't who you are. And around his relationship to food. And I've seen him massively change his diet. He was triggered not long ago and just started to change it again. And it's just interesting.


where we are with what we eat. Sugar is the most addictive substance on earth. There's no question about it. I truly believe that sugar is the most addictive planet, sorry, addictive substance on earth. And when we look at food, food is comforting, food is colorful, food is nourishing, it's stimulating, and I have experienced levels of...


not feeling like I can't cope with my one, when my wife got sick again and going all through that thing where that's where I took solace in. So we know that for every action there's a reaction and I've been doing it for just way too long. Cooking for myself and just being bored of doing that and just, this is just facing the reality of where I am, but it's not who I am. I wasn't born with issues around sugar. I wasn't born.


It's something I've learned to do. If you want to come and join me on taking your health to the next level. And this is such a unique opportunity to bring Hannah's cookbook to life again. It's such a great opportunity to bring the great, great work of Napoleon Hill, who wrote Think and Grow Rich and Outwitting the Devil, when he talked about this wonderful story of when he'd written this book, Think and Grow Rich, and circumstances were such that he just wasn't living the principles of the book.


And there was a really horrible situation that happened where he was working, where someone was basically murdered and he was threatened. He told him, if you don't leave town, we're going to, we're going to kill you. So he left and he went back to go and live with his parents and he'd get up in the middle of the night and we'd just go walking. There's a way of just coping with the situation that he was in. And then one, one moment he just stopped. He just stopped when he was walking and he just faced the real reality of where he is. And he just realized.


Pete Cohen (19:18.382)

his moral authority, the true nature of who he was. God, call it what you want. He just said.


It was time for him to start living the principles of what he was preaching. Because he wasn't. And for me it's the same thing. It's just the same thing. And Napoleon Hill said that when people get into their 50s, they buy into this idea that it's all downhill. I don't want you think about that. But genetically, we have the ability to live to about 120 years old. You know that? Isn't that crazy? We have the capabilities of


of our bodies regenerating completely around six times. The body completely changes every 20 years. And I'm not saying any of this is easy in a world that if you just go out, there's so much temptation everywhere you go.


But what a journey to go on.


And I'm pleased that I just got up this morning and thought, you know what? I'm going to be totally public about this. I'm going all in. If you want to work with me, you want to come on this journey with me, I would be delighted to have you. But one thing I do ask you to do when you look at where you are right now, because that's what my coach used to say to me. How do you feel about where you are? What's the reality of where you are? Please do me a favor. Don't judge.


Pete Cohen (20:47.726)

or blame or shame, give yourself a hard time. Everything I believe that humans do, we do it for a reason. And I'm sure whatever you've been doing it, you've been doing it for a good reason. You know, I've been in pain and I wanna get out of pain. So here's something to eat to give me pleasure. You know, I've been eating bread, I've been eating potatoes, I've been eating a little bit of rice. And it's like, I know why I did it, but now I'm facing the reality of...


the impact of that and I don't like that. So I think, okay, well, now what can I do? I can carry on doing that, but I know where that can go. I've seen where that can go.


Diabetes is a horrendous condition. They're now calling, some people are calling dementia diabetes type three. All these issues related to sugar that cause inflammation in the body or inflamaging. And even though I do so many things which some people would say are right, there's still one piece that is not right that is making the others not as good as they could be. And that to me is the purpose of life. The purpose of life is to get better.


to leave the planet in a better place to serve others and I want to serve you. I want to serve you in a way where I become even more of an example to you. So I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to this and this actually this conversation really came to the table yesterday by seeing my good friend Nick Feeney who is someone who specializes in helping people live to a hundred years old and I was listening to him.


and about his mission and what he's doing and longevity. And I just thought, wow, that's so inspiring. I'm going to do the same.


Pete Cohen (22:31.31)

What about you?


Pete Cohen (22:35.246)

What about you? So please, wherever you are is wherever you are. If you want to come and join me, come join me. Reach out to me, send me a message, tell me what was your biggest takeaway from what you've heard here today. What do you want to do on the back of this? I think there's nothing more empowering than having a few people around you that support you on this journey because the environment, changing our inner environment, that's what this is about. I am changed, just going back to what Dr. Bob said, I am changing my inner environment. My blood sugar level is now 6 .8 and...


That ain't great. It is what it is. Some people would say, well, that's fine. It's just a little bit out of range. So what, where it continues, what do you think is going to happen?


Pete Cohen (23:20.622)

Changing our inner environment is where the magic is, isn't it? Isn't that where the magic of life is? That you can find peace and contentment and fulfillment and satisfaction in yourself, in knowing who you are and doing the very best, just doing the best that you can. It's not not where the magic is in life. So change your inner environment, but you want to be in an environment that also supports you, supports you to live a long life, so change internally, but externally, who have you got in your corner that supports you, that cares for you, that's doing the same as you?


Pete Cohen (23:52.91)

I want to thank you so much.


for being with me here today.


Pete Cohen (24:04.334)

So there is a gap and I want to fill that gap in. And if you want to come and join me.


Pete Cohen (24:14.318)

I'll be here. Have a wonderful day. Take care and we'll see you soon.



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