Who is Pete Cohen?

8 Nov, 2019

Who is Pete Cohen?

What is it that I do and how I can help you create the life you want?

Pete, what is it that you do, exactly?

I’m often asked that question.  

If you’ve been following me for any length of time you’ll already know that I have several strings to my bow. I’m an author, a keynote speaker and an entrepreneur but, first and foremost, I’m a coach.

What is a coach?

The word ‘coach’ emerged in the mid-16th century in Hungary. A ‘kocsi’ was a wagon from Kocs – a village in Hungary which developed a new form of steel-sprung suspension. A coach is a means of transport. It takes you from where you are to where you want to be.

That’s what I do. I support and guide people to get to where they want to be. I help them overcome obstacles; I guide them to form habits which will take them forward and to replace the habits that hold them back; I challenge them to do more and be more than they ever thought possible.

More than anything, I show them that all the things they have learned and come to believe through their life aren’t fixed.

You can teach an old dog new tricks

Human have an immense capacity to learn. If we want it enough and are committed enough we can do anything! What holds most people back from achieving things is largely a collection of habits.

Just consider some ambition you might have. When you think about it, what does your inner voice say to you?

You can’t do that; It’s safer to stay put; You aren’t good enough to achieve that; What if you fail?

The things you tell yourself are probably the same things you’ve been telling yourself for years, even when the evidence suggests otherwise.

And that is what I do – I question your inner voice and tune you in to the things it is saying.

The genius that you are

We are all aware of our inner voice – but interestingly we are more aware of the negative voice than that of our inner genius. We are all geniuses. Go and look up the origins of the word. It doesn’t refer to the select few with extraordinary mental ability. It refers to the inner light within every one of us.

All you need to do is to bring it out.

If you want to find out how I can unlock you inner genius so you can achieve your goals and dreams, visit www.petecohen.com/coaching  to learn more.


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