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Life Hacks to Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you feel like there is too much going on in your life right now that you cannot seem to manage them and do anything? You can be overwhelmed.

Being overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed is an intense emotion that can render us paralyzed or unable to think clearly and act. It can be caused by piled up stressors. One of the largest studies done in the UK showed that 74% of people surveyed felt stressed and have been overwhelmed and unable to cope.

Poor mental health leads you to feel overwhelmed because it causes you the inability to handle stress well. You cannot cope with unexpected events like sudden illness, financial difficulties particularly debt, and lack of or poor housing conditions. Too much workload and the pressure to succeed can likewise make you feel overwhelmed.

People around you can manipulate the way you think, act, and feel if you do not have the courage to be the person you truly want to be. The compulsion to please everyone and be the person others want you to be can cause you to feel overwhelmed and unhappy.

You also become overwhelmed when you process what you think and feel about the conditions you are in. Your brain can not cope with the multiple things you do or think about at the same time.

When we are overwhelmed

There are always two sides to everything. Feeling overwhelmed can have positive effects but more than most it negatively affects us.

When feeling overwhelmed stems from a feeling of gratitude and joy then it positively affects you. You have that insurmountable happiness within you. If you look at being overwhelmed or stressed as ways to make you grow, then this will also have a positive effect because it will push you to accept the challenge and do more.

However, when feeling overwhelmed freezes your body and mind then this can have devastating impacts in your life. This can cause your mind to think and process things at a much slower pace. It can lead to confusion and render you unable to focus on the tasks or situation at hand. If this happens then your ability to solve a problem becomes impaired.

Unsolved problems are additional stressors, and this can further leave you feeling overwhelmed and cause you to get stuck on certain things. Stress can lead to several debilitating mental and physical illnesses like depression and heart disease.

Avoid being overwhelmed

You can overcome stress and being overwhelmed in two main ways. You either increase your capacity to handle stress or you can take it as something to make you grow. Overcoming overwhelm is not easy but that does not mean it cannot be done.

There are simple ways that you can do everyday to increase your capacity to cope with it.

The first important thing to do is to stop and think what the real cause is. Are you having too much stress from work, from your family, or even from your own self? Are you pressuring yourself to be someone who others want you to be? Once you have identified the source of your stress then looking for ways to deal with it will be easier.

Next you need to change habits. Where you are right now in your life is basically a result of your past actions. Changing some of your habits one habit at a time can greatly impact your life in a good way.

First habit you must develop is the habit of positivity. You need to have a change of mindset. Believe you can overcome the challenge and that the challenge is only there to make you grow stronger and be a better person.

Do not let your emotions rule over you. If you are more mindful of how you respond to situations and where you put your attention, then you will be able to think more clearly on how to solve the issues at hand.

Always be mindful of how you feel. Stop yourself once you notice your negative emotions set in. Remind yourself that negative emotions lead you to negative thoughts and negative actions.

Another simple habit you can do is keep a calendar or timetable of your tasks. If you are overwhelmed from too much work and cannot avoid it, then write down your tasks and break it into smaller tasks. This makes your tasks easier to achieve.

Learn to prioritize what needs to be done urgently rather than do the things you prefer.

Set these mini tasks in your calendar or timetable. Be realistic with the time you allot to each task to avoid additional stress. Once you have done a task, tick it off and start the habit of celebrating your little achievements.

We often dismiss our little achievements because we are too focused on our bigger goals, but you cannot accomplish your main goals if you do not achieve the mini goals that lead to their accomplishment.

Acknowledge and celebrate the mini tasks you have accomplished. This gives you the emotional boost and energy to tackle the remaining tasks. You can simply praise and treat yourself to a nice cup of tea, a longer stay at the park, nothing lavish or expensive, but this does wonders for your soul and mind.

Meditation is another simple habit you can do every day to help you avoid being overwhelmed. Meditation helps you have a clear mind and relaxes your mind and body. It allows you to analyse situations better and further develop a positive mindset.

Exercise in another habit you can start now. Exercise gives your body the endorphin it needs to help you feel happy and energized. A stroll to the park, walking your dog, simple breathing exercises are simple things you can do to keep your mind and body fit.

Stopping bad habits is as important as starting good habits. You can avoid feeling overwhelmed if you stop the habits that have been limiting you from becoming the person you want to be. Rumination and procrastination all causes your work to pile up until you are no longer able to cope. If you avoid these habits, you can do more work and accomplish more tasks.

Learn more about rumination and how you can stop the habit and avoid the stress. Click the link and visit my website The Future Self with Pete Cohen.

Now there are times when a difficulty or burden can be too hard to carry. It is at this time that you must look for persons who can help and guide you. It is important to have someone to talk to. This can greatly ease your feeling of being overwhelmed.

Having a conversation with others allows you to gather insights that can help you cope with situations or solve a problem. It also gives you new perspectives on the situation at hand. Having friends or someone to lean on lessens the stress and help makes the challenge easier to face.

The most important way to stop you from being overwhelmed is to be committed to the person you want to be. A clear goal of the future gives you direction and a commitment to achieving that goal. It gives the courage to face challenges head on because you know that the best reward is waiting for you at the end of all the challenges.

Be who you want to be and do not be bothered by who others want you to be or by what others have. Do not compare yourself with them. Exercise your individuality. Be your own person. You were put in this world for a purpose.

Find your purpose. Have a meaningful life and be the person you were meant to be.

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