10 Aug, 2022

Michelangelo Meditation: Be in Touch With Your Future Self



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“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Albert Einstein

Let me help you have a sense of direction, calmness, and peace. Allow me to guide you to finding and having a relationship with your future self, your ideal self through meditation.

Research has shown that meditation reduces stress and anxiety. It has the power to clear your mind, increase the flow of positive thoughts, and make you a healthier and happier person.

Before we start the process, please make sure that you are in a safe, comfortable place where you can block out all the distractions that the outside world brings for almost 20 minutes.

Now let us begin carving out the best version of you; a happier, healthier, more successful you. Let your future self come alive.


⚡️ This meditation takes you on a very mind-opening journey with Michelangelo.

⚡️ Our minds do not know the difference between real experience and imaginary minds.

⚡️ We all have our own giants to take on, but we can defeat them just as David did.

⚡️ Your future self is your own masterpiece that you can develop from whatever present condition you are in.

⚡️ The secret of success lies in your ability to see what you want in the future now and to believe.

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Pete Cohen 0:00
Happy, beautiful day. It's Pete Cohen, Welcome to the Future Self podcast. today's podcast is special. Why? Because I have a guided visualization and meditation that will help you build a relationship to your future self. I will explain more after the theme tune

Pete Cohen 0:42
Happy, beautiful day. Thank you so much for joining me, the Future Self podcast is dedicated to help everyday people build the most important relationship. And that relationship is with our future self. When I look around the world, and I look at all the work that I've done over the last 30 plus years, I genuinely believe that a lot of people, maybe the majority of people are actually creating a future they don't want they think who they are is who they're always going to be. Let me ask you a question, what will be your greatest ever achievement? Is it possible that your greatest ever achievement will be who you become, and in this guided visualization and meditation that you're about to listen to? I'm asking you to go on an epic adventure with me, as I take you to Italy. And I take you to see the statue of David, whether you've ever seen the statue or not, it really doesn't matter. And then I asked someone to come and see you, someone called Michelangelo who carved out this statue, he carved out something from something that was already there. And that piece of marble that he carved out the statue of David for years that marble was in the streets, and people just ignored it, they discarded it. And it was Michelangelo who saw the opportunity to carve something out to bring something into this world, which was the probably one of the greatest pieces of art that is in the world today, I think we all have an opportunity to carve out our best self. And in this guided visualization. I encourage you through this process to meet the person that you could become and start to see what that person is like, because that person isn't you but it could be you. So sit back please, when you're listening to this, do not listen to this while you're operating machinery or driving. Only listen to this when you can safely relax completely, just like anything else, the more you listen to this, the better it will become for you. And the stronger that relationship will be between you and your future self enjoy. Only listen to this, where you can safely relax completely, not be disturbed, and block out the outside world for about 15 to 20 minutes. In order for you to really enhance this experience, I would encourage you to use headphones. And the more you will listen to this, the more you will tap into the power of your mind. So you can bring your very best self into the world today. So find somewhere comfortable, where you can relax. Your feet are supported your back straight, ideally upright as we go through this powerful process that is designed to specifically help you to develop a confidence and clarity about the success that you are looking for in all of the major areas of your life, your health, your family, and your work. Begin now by simply taking a few deep breaths as we follow your breath in. On the following all the way out. One of the most precious things that you have in your control is your focus of attention. And as you continue to focus on your breath, just begin now to notice the difference between your breath

Pete Cohen 4:39
and as you fill yourself up with oxygen to let go of any tension begin to allow in your mind and allow oxygen to flow. And the more we do this, the quicker We put ourselves in to a powerful, positive state where we can wake up the creative part of our imagination, to really tap into the creative part of our brain. You see the Mi365 best you ever program focuses on your ability to blasts completely an alert to the possibility of what you're really capable of. Now, I've been working in the field of human behavior, and performance for many years. One of the most incredible things about our minds, is our minds, don't know the difference between a real experience and imagining. We all think in pictures, right now, as you're continuing to causes your father's of attention on your breath, you can begin to imagine what the inside of you looks like. We don't really know. But as you wake up the power of your brain, you can start to imagine what it's doing to every part of your body, how your body and mind becomes alive. With the more focus of attention you give it. As you take us into every part of your body, every muscle, every part of your skin, every bone, and every cell of your body. Right now, imagine breathing in a color, picture, any color you want. Now, as you imagine breathing that color in to every cell of your body. That's right. Maybe now try it a different color. It can be elegant color you like red, blue, green, the cause, if you like, of the framing, as you brighten up your internal world. It was Einstein that said, reality doesn't exist in the outside world. It exists inside our mind. And the secret of success in all areas of your life is to believe what is your ability to believe? It's your ability to see what you want in the future. So what do you want? What's wildly important to you? What goals, dreams and wishes do you have? Be curious, be open to dreaming. Your mind doesn't know the difference between a real experience and an experience with you and make up. Imagine now, a holiday that you've been on in the past. Remember, some of the things that you saw some of the things that you've heard, and some of the things that you make that experience more real than it's ever been. Your mind is open to the suggestion of making what you see bright, bold is if you're back now, on that holiday. As we bring this experience to life, I want you to imagine yourself in the place called Florence and you're invited to go into a museum to see the incredible statue of David. David is a marble statue that was carved out by Michelangelo, many, many years ago. And as you look at David, understand how much work and effort must have gone in to carve this glorious statue out of mob.

Pete Cohen 9:43
David represents a man who took on a giant Goliath the greatness that resides in David resides is all of us. Take a moment to imagine what Michael and Joe must have done. When he first saw that big piece of marble, inside the marble, he must have seen David in all his glory. And every day, he must have chipped away at the marble as he started to bring out his statue, days, weeks hours, carving out one of the most prized pieces of art. And then well, as you begin to see, David, come to life. Imagine Michelangelo looks to you and says, Come with me, as he takes you towards a room at the back of the gallery, as he wants to show you the beautiful piece of marble that represents you in the future. It's the ideal version of yourself, as he invites you into the room and opens the door, as you walk in to that workshop of your capability, the workshop of the ideal. And as you look at this model, you begin to imagine what you would look like, if you were really, at your best. When would you be as you see that statue that you inside the mob, you from Michelangelo, start to chip away at the marble. And the more you chip away, the more you start to believe the person has to come to you who is your best, with your health, full of energy, and brains. This is what this statue represents. fit, healthy saw you at your best in your work, in your service, for gratitude, love for you in your relationships that are and the more you chip away, the more you see the greatness of you coming into your life. The more you chip away, the more you feel what you see is there for the taking. The ideal version of you, that you who you aspire to be. And the more he sees the more you breathe life into what you're doing as the marble starts to erode away the more you chip away. And then you can see yourself in all of your glory. The you that every single day, chipping away to bring that ideal version

Pete Cohen 13:17
of you take a moment to see the statue come alive. See it from the front, back and side. As you imagine what it would be like to be that person using all of the power of your imagination. Imagine stepping into that to you in three to one becoming that ideal version of yourself. Now feel what it feels like from your toes, to your nose to your hands to draw. This is you a Oyo glory this is you at your evident best. This is who you are being in this moment and this who's who you will be practicing moment to moment in your daily life as you bring this ideal version of yourself a high what you can be, you must be what you can be this is your life's work. This is your art of living and bringing it to life is a fully embrace and embody this ideal version of yourself. Ask yourself a few powerful question James, what do I need to do to bring this version of myself to life? Every single day, moment, to moment to moment? Ask the question, he will receive the answer. How do I bring this basically, into the world. As I fill that gap of worry, doubt, fear and anxiety is I believe this me into the world as this becomes my life's work, but I can be, I must be, what I can be, I must be is you feel what it feels like to be this ideal version of yourself. And the moment he practices, the more you'll feel one month as you take that feeling and download that feeling. And you feel that feeling from your nose to your toes, and toes, to your knees in the knees, to your heart, as you fully embrace being this person. If you take a few deeper breaths, and begin to get excited about bringing this version of you into the world, as you take a step back, another step back as you begin to move away from the ideal version of yourself, knowing what you need to do and now practice and practice chipping away, and being less version of yourself as you move out of the workshop, and Frank is the Michelangelo for his support, and helping you become the creator of your ideal self. And as you close that door, and out of the museum, back into the outside world as you become now more aware of your breath. And as you focus your breath, put a big smile on your face, in the knowledge that you're training your brain and tapping into the power of your imagination. This is the Mi365 best you ever program. As I count up from one to 10 with each a number that I count, you can slowly start to reorientate yourself back into the real world safe in the knowledge that you know 123

Pete Cohen 17:57
More for knowing what you need to do because the more you buy, strive, a six to play the tricks on your mind. So you start to Zevon heaven, that heaven that is within you to be straight eight, to feel nine fine to 10 you want to do this again. And the more you practice this, the more real it will become as you open your eyes and bring yourself back fully into the world. Take a stretch, take a big breath as you allow yourself to feel more alive than ever. Thank you for taking the time to go through this incredibly powerful process. And I wish you a happy, happy beautiful day as you continue your life's work to bring that very, very best view into the world today.


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