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The Magic of Courage: How It Can Transform Your Life

Can you muster the courage to take on a different and challenging path to a greater life? Are you brave enough to consciously reinvent yourself to be someone better?

Courage is a powerful force that can transform your life by allowing you to be the person you want to become and assure you of a fantastic future. It is the most significant of all virtues as it has the power to move you through adversity.

We all want to have a promising tomorrow but not all of us achieve it because many of us allow fear to overcome us. Many do not have the courage to act and follow through.

Courage is your ability to manage fear. It is the firm determination to do something. Everyone can be courageous, but most people do not see themselves in that light and instead view themselves in comparison to others.

In fact, Cindy Solomon, a leadership expert has mentioned in her Ted Talk that only 1 in 3 people believe they are courageous. Only 1 in 3 show up believing they can take courageous action.

We massively overestimate defining moments in our lives and hugely underestimate the small things we do every single day. We miss the things that make the greatest difference.

But what if you stopped and looked back at your life right now? Would you be able to see a hint of courage in yourself?

Take a moment to think about the things you have done. Are there not things that perhaps you did not want to do but you rose and behaved in ways where you positively impacted someone else’s life?

That is courage. It is within all of us including you and there are many courageous acts that you can do today that would lead to a better tomorrow.

As human beings, we are governed by our view of the future and everything we do is for the future. We have evolved and can now prospect a future that is beyond a few days or weeks.

The key is to have a compelling relationship with your future self. Your future self is the person you are going to be. If you are guided by that person, then you will have the courage to do what it takes to bring that person into reality.

How courage can transform your life

When you have realised that you are courageous you can then continue to build and develop courage through the little things that you do every day. You can muster your fears and have the firm determination to accomplish your dreams.

Courage leads to a better life.

Courage is the door to a successful and more fulfilling life. By building courage in yourself you can become more productive and satisfied. You will be able to move through resistance and develop self-control.

Courage gives you the strength to think greater than you feel. It is the force that pushes you to act even when you do not feel like it and to follow through with your decisions. This in turn further motivates you to do more and to finish your tasks.

In addition, courage prevents you from giving in to temptation. The desire to procrastinate, ruminate, to be distracted hinders your productivity and prevents you from becoming the person we want to be.

As you start to prove to yourself and tap into courage you begin to break through not only these temptations but also fear, doubt, and anxiety. You begin to become someone different from who you were.

Courage creates happiness.

Everyone wants to be happy but how can one feel the joy in living if we are bombarded every day with pandemics and struggles?

There is so much unhappiness in the world today because society wants people to conform, to be like everyone else and not stand out. Conforming leads you to compare yourself to others, to seek approval and acceptance.

Conforming also prevents you from expressing your individuality. When you seek approval and acceptance you often give up on your own ideals because you do not want to be rejected.

This stops you from growing and tapping into your full potential and from transforming into the person you were meant to be. Therefore, following ideals that are not your own or are not inline with your betterment can make you unhappy and feel unfulfilled.

It is easy to follow others, to give in to temptation and vice when you doubt yourself. Courage deters you from these things and from staying where you are, from telling yourself the same old story.

You do not have to be the person you are today nor the person that society tells you to be. You can choose to be someone different, someone better.

Courage helps you fulfill your life’s task of expressing your uniqueness through your work.  It gives you the determination to fulfill your destiny and be happy.

Courage impacts the life of others.

With courage you can live a virtuous life. You can be a shining example, an inspiration to others. Courage gives you the strength to make a difference, to stand up for others and leave a legacy.

Having the courage to help others and advocate for their rights can massively impact their lives in a positive way. It gives them hope and makes them feel that they matter.

Likewise, courage is contagious. When you stand up for others and for what you believe in you inspire others to do the same. They become brave enough to step out and express themselves and their ideals and to face the difficulties.

Life is full of challenges and if you do not have the courage to face the struggles you will never get passed them and will remain the shadow of the person you could have been. Everything worthwhile in life can only be obtained by at least one moment of courage.

Do not be afraid to show others what you are capable of. You can be a changemaker.

Utilize the power of courage and transform your life. Be the change. Make your impact. Live the fantastic future you deserve.

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