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Unlock The Superpowers That Will Make Your Life Remarkable

Have you ever dreamed of becoming like Superman, or any other being with superpowers who saves the world? You think that if you only had superior abilities, people would like you more and give you higher regard; you would then be happier and feel more fulfilled.

Fact is you no longer need to wish because you have had superpowers all along. All you need is to tap into your inner being and unleash the exceptional potential within you. You are supernatural; you do not need to be Superman to have a remarkable life.

Supernatural is attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature. It is when we do something unbelievable that instead of understanding what has happened, we just dismiss it.

There are many incredible things that you have done that you do not realize. Being here today despite the tremendous setbacks and challenges you have had in your life is proof that you are supernatural.

Your uniqueness that makes you defy the odds are your superpowers. It sets you apart from other beings around you. Each of us has our own sets of skills, talents, traits, experiences, ideals, and beliefs that are different from everyone else. These are the sources of our unique powers that enable us to do remarkable feats.

Are still doubtful of what I am saying? Every one of us has superpowers. Let me give you a prime example. For me my wife Hannah is supernatural. She has defied all odds and what has happened to her will be dismissed by so many in the medical community.

She is an anomaly, a freak for having survived one of the deadliest cancers in the world twice. First, she was cast off to die 12 years ago as she was given only 18 months to live. We could not accept that, and we needed to do something.

We looked outside the box and found an unconventional treatment in America. She underwent the 8-month regimen and recovered. She started to see a future beyond where she was and invested in it.

Her view of the future enabled her to survive when her cancer intensely recurred two years ago. She overcame paralysis and has regained her independence. She is now living an astonishing life. Her inner strength and power of the mind is utterly amazing. She is truly supernatural.

Tap into your superpowers!

As I have previously said, your superpowers are within you and all you need to do is to tap into your inner being and focus on the fundamental ones.

1. The power to breathe.

You may be putting your eyebrows together about now. Breathing? Really? How can it be a superpower? Everyone breathes.

Let me explain how what many of you see as ordinary can be extraordinary. Breathing is one of the things that keeps us alive and our organs functioning properly. It is a natural act for all living things therefore, we do not regard it as something that can catapult us to greatness.

However, one single breath has the power to invigorate the body. A deep breath relaxes your physical being and clears your mind. This is the reason why meditation is a very powerful tool that can massively change your life.

Breathwork goes hand in hand with meditation. You consciously direct your breathing as you go through meditation and as you do it your mind clears up, silence ensues and then you start to see all the possibilities that you have.

2. The power to see something which does not exist

The brain has the power to record the past through memories and predict the future by way of visions we have. It has the power to see what does not exist and convince your body to feel a future that has not happened yet.

To reiterate, let me tell you a story of someone I knew who was being scammed. This person recognized he was being tricked but the lure of a greater amount of money triggered his creativity.

He began to create a fantasy in his mind and started to see the changes in his life with the new opportunity. He saw the healthier, wealthier version of himself enjoying the way he lived.

Although he was being deceived, he was quite thankful for the opportunity to open his mind to possibilities.

Understand that the ability to imagine is supernatural but you do not use it often enough. Your fear of the unknown as well as the notion that who you are is always who you are going to be prevents you from utilizing this capability.

The power to create a better life lies within your imagination. How well can you generate a new reality? How clear is your vision of the future? Can you see way past your current conditions?

You can choose whatever life you want to live but without the visions you will not see your options and instead continue to live the way you always have and get the results you always got.

3. The power to transform oneself.

Your visions of your future are key to transforming yourself. You need to choose who you want to be and consciously reinvent yourself.


All of us evolve. It is another natural act. You are not the same person you were three years ago or even a year ago. You have changed in some form or shape. It is inevitable. How different are you now? Do you like who you have become?


If you do not like the person you are now, chances are you were not mindful of your transformation and just kept living the way you always have. You might be one of the many who do not want to mindfully reinvent themselves because they do not want to give up the familiar things they have invested in for several years.


Nevertheless, to become supernatural, you must decide who you want to be and do what it takes to be that person and to have what that person has. You simply cannot be better if you do not deliberately transform to be one.

You need to be driven by the joy and inspiration of the possibilities that exist for you, the compelling future. Listen to the genius, the moral authority within you and act to make your vision a reality.

4. The power to change the way you think and feel.

Change the way you think and feel to have a fantastic life. A positive mindset lets you discover your talents, improve your skills, learn new perspectives, and gain more knowledge.

Tapping into this superpower means you need to start looking at challenges as opportunities for growth. Think of ways to overcome the difficulties that you face. Are there things you need to learn or new skills you need to gain?

This power makes you more resilient to adversities. It is important to be mindful of how you feel. Feelings can lead you back to who you were or the life you do not like.

Fear, anxiety, the feeling of not being good enough all limit you from becoming the person you want to be. You need to think greater than you feel. Feeling dictates your actions.

Moving or acting, doing something despite not wanting to do it leads you toward your goal. Always be guided by the person you want to be. What does he want you to do? How does he want you to feel? What happens to him if you give in your negative thoughts and feelings?

Think things into existence and then do the work to make it happen. Channel your thoughts and feelings to commit to a better you.

5. Power to change your environment.

Transforming or reinventing yourself, changing the way you think, and feel is a challenge. Although it is not easy to go against the norm or to be different from everyone else it can still be done.

All you need to do is to change your environment. You have the power to choose the people you interact with. Be with the persons who are working toward the same goal. Be with friends, colleagues, families who understand and support you.

Look for individuals who can inspire you to be great and at the same time be with those that you can inspire. Being inspired and being an inspiration gives you the power to mover continue to move forward and turn your dreams into realities.

A conducive environment makes change easier.


Tap into your superpowers now and have the remarkable life you have been dreaming of. A great life does not happen by chance but by design.

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