31 Dec, 2020

087 2020 Recap and Welcome 2021

2020 Recap and Welcome 2021

Here is a review of some of our podcasts from this year. It’s been a challenging year and I want to thank everyone that has listened to the content we have put out. 

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087 2020 Recap and Welcome 2021

Happy beautiful day, it's the Mi365 podcast, it's the year in review, it is the 31st of December 2020. We're about to embark on another year, what a year this has been. What I want to do in this podcast is just do a review of some of the things that we've done. You know what, in January 2021, we've been doing this podcast for five years of podcasts every single week, sometimes more. And I think it's important for us with our goal to inspire people just like us to let's take a bit of time to review some of the key learnings that we did this year and give all of you a chance to just reflect before we move forward, we've got a chance to just think back and make 2021 an amazing year. So I'll see you after the theme tune.


Happy beautiful day, thank you so much for joining me, I can't believe when you hear this in January, will be five years, our fifth year anniversary of the Mi365 podcasts, we have been on an epic adventure. I don't know how many episodes we've done, but you can do the math on it if you want to, let's say one episode a week. So how many weeks are there in a year? That's 50 to five years, I don't know. Cuz some weeks, we took more than one. So there's a lot. And they're all there for one reason to help people go from where they are to where they want to be to help people live extraordinary lives, to help people live life by design, you know, our vision and our mission is big. You know, we want to impact the lives of 10 million people around the world. That's what we want to do. We want to help people live extraordinary lives go from living a life just by chance to an extraordinary life by design. And we've only just got started with what we are doing this year has been incredibly, I don't know, you fill in the gaps. It's been very strange and very challenging. And I think it's going to be even more challenging for a lot of people, I just see so many things changing. So many. But the one constant thing I really believe can be asked and our desire to grow and evolve. And it's not going to be easy. You know, I think back to the beginning of this year, and we started off with a series of podcasts called the magic of thinking big. And we did four podcasts on that, you know what I was thinking this is going to be the big year, the 2020 have the 2020 vision on your 2020 goals. You know, we are goal orientated creatures, right. And the challenge for most of us is that we set goals that but before we know it, those have gone out the window, the hero in the beginning, if those of you that have listened to any of my podcasts, you've heard me mentioned that before that human beings have reason. We decide to do things, and then we give up on those things. For what reason? Well, I believe we just get comfortable. We just we go where everyone else has gone before. And I don't know whether you've ever watched Star Trek. But one of the things they talk about in Star Trek is to boldly go where no man has gone before they kept going to the same place. Every episode, most people would think this is boring. I need something that's going to be more stimulating. I want to see something different.


And maybe we give up on our goals and dreams. And we watch other people's we watched other people's lives unfold. That's what we see on social media. That's why things like that you see on stories, if you see on Instagram now even on LinkedIn, on Facebook, it's all about stories, looking other people's lives looking what other people have gotten. And most of us just put our lives on the back burner. And that's a choice and what happened this year, it just took the wind just blew people off course. It definitely blew off on us. It definitely blew my life. Our business, of course. You know, our business is based on coaching people you know, and we do that in many ways. We have coaching programs, I believe they're the best in the world. The results that we get and some of the results we've had this year have been truly remarkable. Just seeing people rise up to a challenge because I think that's when we often get to see the best in people you know a challenge with just see people rise up with people behave in ways they wouldn't normally. But then after that, so this year I worked extensively with NHS Trust. And it was amazing to see how many people rose up to the Coronavirus challenges that they had. I mean, can you imagine working in a hospital what that must have been like with this happening. But then after that, that's when the first kind of wave fell, there was a bit of depression because people then don't have something to aim for. We need something to aim for. And this year 2020 My goal was Let's help as many people have 2020 vision on their 2020 goals, because I'm a big fan and what we call visioneering and In the podcast that we did at the beginning, the magic of thinking big we did for you one of the key themes with that as we just do Review of some of the podcasts on our YouTube channel which we really launched this year. We did some great YouTube videos to YouTube Do about Stephen Covey who wrote The book the second half Habits of Highly Effective People. We did one on Jim Rohn, on Tony Robbins, or Michael Jordan and many, many others, and those are on our YouTube channel. Everything we do, we put out to help inspire people to give them the tools, the tips, the tech strategies to transform their life so they don't settle for where they are. So the magic thinking big for me. big takeaway about that was the fact that we can, we can think big. We can use this Imagineering, this part of our brain where we have this ability to see the future even before it's happened. And if you look around today, everything you see that man This created they didn't just find that thing you know, they invented it twice once in their mind and then once in their imagination and We all can do that, but it's very easy For us to just lose sight of that. It's like magic being at sea, you're in a boat, you've got a destination you get excited. We're going there. And then when you start Sailing, the weather conditions change it gets a bit difficult And then you give up an odd You just go round in circles, and you stay at sea. And that's what I see a lot of people doing. Now if you're the sort of person that you don't want to do that anymore, and you really want to change, then maybe this is going to be the 2021 the one the one year for you, the one year where you really decide to go to work. So you decided to create a legacy on the back of what's been happening in the water legacy on the back of COVID that I could see on the back of if you've been involved in Brexit You know for us Here it was It was a big The big channel But it's Relative right? I'm quite thankful. I'm very thankful because one of the things key learnings for me is I look to look at life but everything happens that happens for me, not to me. So I think how can we use this to grow and evolve in some way? And That's the Philosophy of life which I think we all need, we all need way of doing with this challenging world that we live in.


Now, what do we do? I wasn't expecting that. I was like, I have to now put into play, I have to practice what I preach. And, you know, can you still think big, with all of these things, you know, happening. And then we did a poker podcast on Kobe Bryant, the basketball player died in a tragic circumstances in a helicopter crash. And I felt inspired. I woke up at three o'clock in the morning, I thought, you know what, I need to do a podcast about this guy. And I love what you said about, you've got to try and inspire others to be great in whatever it is they choose to do. And that was one of the key things. Then we did a series of podcasts on willpower. We did four, on willpower. I think one of the most magical things about willpower is that it's something you can build, right? You can build it, you can you can harvest it, if you like by how you live your life. When you've got more willpower, you tend to make better decisions, right? It's like one of the things that we actually have to build, we have to practice delaying gratification. I think that was another key thing which came out of our podcast is he was really that kind of virtues based life when you look at religions, and when you look at philosophies are powerful and have a positive effect on people. They really teach people or encourage people to be virtuous. So key virtues like delay, gratification, temperance, they call it willpower, justice, courage, mastery, love these key things that when you practice them, you have an opportunity to improve your life.


Then I did a podcast about Tyson Fury, you know, hugely inspiring story of a man who had some serious mental health problems and wanted to kill himself and he won his second fight. And it was amazing. You know, he is what a great story of someone who became hugely overweight, became hugely on had everything and wasn't happy and has reinvented himself. And that's another key things reinvention, right. reinvention is something that is hugely possible for all of us.


I did an amazing interview with John Scott. John Scott used to be the kind of fashion expert on this morning. And, I mean, this story just blew me away. So my wife, many of you know, her story, not given long to live. In fact, the spot that I'm recording this podcast, this little spot I'm on is where 10 years ago, had a massive seizure, and was rushed to hospital I can remember like it was yesterday and our whole lives, obviously changed in a way that I never would have envisaged. But you know what I look back and I'm happy that happened for me, because if it hadn't happened for me, I don't think I would have done that interview with john Scott. Because through what happened to my wife, she stopped working. She really got into sewing and then making quilts and john Scott presents a very popular TV program on that, and we used to watch every time he was on it was like junk, junk, junk. And then one day, I got Facebook requests from him and I thought that's a bit strange. And he actually remembered me from when we were on television. We used to speak at the vitality show and I just shouted Hannah, Hannah couldn't believe that someone who had a really looks up to send me a friend request and the next thing you know, we've become, you know, good friends, and he's helping and mentoring Hannah and we did a podcast all about living your life by design. And that's something that every single one of us


Do we have this incredible ability to just achieve and then we did four podcasts on that subject, the power of achievement, the achievement habit, habit, achievement means the completion the end of something and that's something that we all want to do. We all want to get We all want it. We want to start things and finish them. We're very good at doing them things that don't really ever matter like Watching a series on Netflix.


Then I did a podcast all about the coronavirus, which, you know, that was really cathartic for me because it really helped me make sense of what was going on in the world because I had to reinvent myself. You see there's a theme here reinvention, this has happened for me not to me. What can I learn from this how can I move on.

Then we did a series of podcasts on gratitude we did four on that then I did a podcast with Dr Rakowski one of the top nutritionists, all about health because that's one of the things which has really come to the fore. People waking up to the fact that, oh, maybe if I was a bit healthier I have less chance of potentially catching this virus or dying from this virus.

We did four podcasts on motivation. We did a podcast for podcasts on mental resilience we get four podcasts on inspiration into action excuse that noise in the background. We did a podcast with Andrea McLean, which was unbelievably awesome I remember her walking away from a big job on television because it wasn't it wasn't for her she's decided to reinvent herself. We interviewed Ronnie O'Sullivan who became six times snooker World Champion someone who I worked with for two years when he became the world champion for the second time reinvention of Ronnie figure amazing unbelievable and then we did a podcast with Mark Foster, former world record holder amazing swimmer great story reinvention. And then the last podcast there been Jain water podcast that was, this is a guy who thinks so far out the box and thinks about one thing, more than anything else two things possibilities. That's the only thing that exists in the universe. And the other thing that he talks a lot about is about learning to love yourself learning to appreciate yourself.

So I just wanted to review all of that and say that all that information is out there for you, for you, whoever you are, wherever you are in the world. That's why we do this podcast you know we're so committed more than ever. And that's what we're going to do in 2021 we've already got a whole series of podcasts, to help you in in January, and we're launching something truly amazing. It's a 30 day kickstart a free program that we're putting out there for 30 days where we're going to take you through an unbelievable process, we'll have more information on this for you in January, but it's all about something that we call living in a game you on your A game right. The a game of life, everyone wants to be on their A game and the role of a coach like me is to take you from where you are to where you want to be from A to B. So you can be what you want to be. And it's all about as we want to help you live an awesome life and achieving life. So over these four weeks we're going to do a week on awareness helping you become aware of what you want why you struggled to get it in the past aware of how your past has affected you awareness of what your future could look like. Then we're going to help you take action that's the second week, the right action. And then on the third week we're going to accelerate that action. And then for the last nine days of these 30 days it's all about advancing. I've never been more excited about anything and I've done that, put this together because it's my way of giving back it's knowing what the world needs right now so stay close to what we're doing and take some time to go and look you know today go and look at coaching dot Mi365 go and have a look at that video that we've put together coaching. Don't mind 360 five.me 20 minutes. That will really give you an opportunity to start thinking about what is possible and you know we're going to speak to as many people who want to speak to us. We know that the world needs warriors, it needs heroes just like you that want to be examples to others. That to me was probably the biggest thing out of this whole year was the whole work around growing and contributing. but those are the needs we have those needs. If those needs aren't met most of us just get needs met in a way that is, doesn't it gives us some kind of temporary joy, but it never really fills us up like a great life can when you're growing and contribute, I want to thank everyone in our team from really parks to Hannah Bradley Cohen, to Kate Carruth to our team, Aubrey and Rachel to Ken Pointer has been a massive help to us. This year, all of our team that have helped us with everything we've done this year because it has been challenging but we don't work alone we work as one we work as a team. And if you'd like me and your team and my 365 to be a positive part of your life, then just let us know we're going to get this podcast out, let us know what your biggest takeaway was, and I really do want to wish you a happy and healthy 2021.


I know it's challenging right now for a lot of people but that's where we grow, I think it's just been very challenging, but the best is yet to come right let's have hope. And let's build our resilience let's build ourselves from the inside out. Thank you so much for listening to our podcast five years celebration in January. Amazing. We appreciate you so much. All the best. Much love. Thanks for listening to the podcast, make sure you check out our brand new training called How to get ahead.


Hi everyone, I just wanted to thank all of you that have really, really helped. This year, every single one of you is a vital part of what we do what we do, quite simply is help and inspire people, you know, to live a life, not by some sort of chance but just by designing it and carving it out and you've all really helped me carve this out and put this out there to people in a way that obviously is attractive and appealing to people. Very excited about 2021, and the 30 day kickstart program that we've been working on. Thank you to Rachel who's been working on that over the Christmas period, but just put a podcast out today. But thank you so much to all of you to Louie to Cate to Hannah to Ken to Aubrey to Rachel, to just all of you, and to Woon as well every episode of the podcast as well as the last few months, we've had your valuable input, really, really, really appreciate it. I know it's been a very difficult year for so many of us but my thoughts are with you and your families, and hoping that 2021 brings you prosperity and love and everything that you want in your life I'm so grateful to all of you. You have no idea it's hard to express into words just how much all of you play a part in what we're doing. And already just had a couple of conversations with people that have come across what we do from content that we've put out there, and it's touching people it's making people think. And once again, I just want to thank you so much. Take care guys. All the best.


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