Month: February 2022

#195 How to Think Greater than You Feel

A lot of people want to be a better version of themselves. But not a lot of people want to put in the effort that is needed to do so. We are who we choose to become. Who are you choosing to be? Let’s start talking about that.

In this episode, listen as I talk about how you can break the habits of being YOU, the bits that you want to improve or change.

#194 Sort Your Life Out

What is the gap in your life that stops you from going from who you are right now to who you want to become? 
In this episode, listen as I talk about how to live with hope and combat being stuck with where you are by being intentional.

#190 Power of Ambition with Richard Chatley

Ambition is the desire to achieve dreams. Everybody has dreams but not everyone can sacrifice their comfort, what they already have, to reach something that requires so much trust in the unknown.

In this episode, listen to Richard Chatley and I talk about ambitions and the fascination of sacrifices, and how it is a natural part of reaching your goals.

#189 Powerful Priming Meditation

Today, let’s talk about meditation and how we can incorporate this into our daily lives. In just 10 minutes, we can focus our attention on gratitude and personal goals. Let’s be more than what we think and feel. 

In this episode, let me be your guide in training yourself to Mi365-ing. I encourage you to do this meditation every day and see how you can take your life to another level.  

#188 How to Trick Your Brain and Become More Successful

Everyone wants to be successful, but not everyone follows through with their intentions. Challenges, setbacks, mental presets, are some of the reasons why we feel hindered instead of pushing through to be more determined in reaching our goals. 


In this episode, listen as I talk about how we can trick our minds and condition it to not be fazed and be more determined than ever to become the person we truly want to be.