How to Step into Your Future Self

Are you taking steps to be your future self? Do you know who your future self is?

Future Self is simply the person you are becoming, the person you will be in the years to come. It is important to choose and decide who you are going to be because this gives you a purpose and a goal. Human beings are, by nature, goal-driven; everything we do is for a goal.

Knowing your goal and being guided by it helps you act or do things toward achieving that goal. This assures you of a better future, a life worth having and living. However, becoming the person you want to be is not easy. There are certain steps you must take to have the life you have always wanted.

Tune in as I give you insights on how you can step into your future self and avoid living a default future.

Planting the Seeds of Success with Wally Green

Today, I am going to talk to Wally Green, the amazing person who used his sport to fulfill his diplomatic goals in North Korea. His incredible story is one that will astound you. He grew up in a place full of hatred and violence, but he turned his life around and is now an advocate of peace and love.
His awe-inspiring transformation is one you should not miss. Listen as he himself tells the unbelievable story of his life. 

Gain wisdom as to how you can reinvent yourself and plant your own seeds of success. Be the person you want to be now.

How to Start to Dominate Your Life – Life Lessons from Viktor Frankl

Is it possible for a man to dominate life by finding meaning in his life? Can you find your own meaning in life? Can your greatest test become your greatest testimonial, your legacy? What is your mission in life?

We can gather great wisdom from the teachings of Viktor Frankl. Insights that we apply in our own lives can inspire and guide us to be the person we want to become and live the future we want to have.

How to Become Supernatural

Are you supernatural? Would you answer this question the same as most people would respond and say, “No, I’m just me, there is nothing special about me.” 

What if I told you that you can be supernatural and that you can do great things? We can all be supernatural. 

Supernatural is attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature. It is when we do something super incredible, but we often do not realize some of the incredible things we have done. We tend to dismiss things we cannot explain.

Is My Personality Fixed?

People have always put great value on someone’s personality. When applying for a job or even when choosing friends and people one interacts with, personality is given the utmost consideration. But have you given thought to your own personality?

How do you value your personality? How does it affect your life? Is it hindering you from having a better life? Do you think you can change your own personality to have a better life?

Listen in as I give you insights into how your current personality is affecting your future and how you can change and use it to be the person you were meant to be. Be the leader of your own life.

Future Self – What Do You Think, Feel and Do

Do you know who your future self is? Are you aware that what you think, feel, and do directly impacts the person you are becoming? Do you have a relationship with that person? Do you really listen to your future self? 

Listen to my guests, Dr. Ray Sylvester and Paul Hurcomb as we discuss our relationships with our future selves. Gather insights on how you can overpower your consciousness, your mind, and your actions to reach your full potential.

The Ugly Truth of Bad Habits

Habits shape our identity. It is our survival mechanism that helps us find ways to evolve by learning. When we learn, we start to exist. However, once we get comfortable, we stop evolving. There are good habits and there are those which limit us from having a more successful, fulfilling life.

How have your habits affected your existence? Have the routines you have instilled in you pushed you to greater heights or have they contributed to your downfall? Be attentive as I disclose how the things you frequently do can impact your future and thus take steps to reinvent yourself for the better.

I Don’t Believe You!

Belief is a state of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in a person or thing. Our belief affects every single aspect of our life and gives us a vision of our future. Therefore, if you believe that you are incapable of doing it, chances are you will not achieve what you so desire.

What do you really believe? Are you one of those who think that they are not good enough or that they can only do certain things? If you believe that you cannot overcome the challenges you are facing right now and that you do not deserve a better tomorrow, then your future will be the same sad life you are living right now.

If you want to change that, which I urge you to do, listen to what I have to say and think about your future life. You still have the chance to live your dreams, go for it.

The Meaning of Life Explained

What is the meaning of life? Has this question ever crossed your mind, or have you been too preoccupied with your daily survival? What if spending time to reflect on this inquiry would dramatically change your life for the better? Would you then spend time thinking about your life’s meaning?

Today I am going to do just that. I am going to give you insights into the meaning of life and hopefully give you the capacity to seek out what you are capable of and help you have a goal-driven, happier, more fulfilling life, so spend some time with me and listen.

Why Having a Big Why is Massively Overrated

People have a habit of asking why, even children would automatically ask why whenever we explain or answer their questions. As adults, we would often ask why when we are in distress. We would even talk to ourselves and ask: why is this happening to me, why is my life so depressing, why is my life meaningless, why is it that no matter how hard I try or how hard I work, I cannot seem to have a better life?

Do not get me wrong, it is good to ask why, because it gives you the opportunity to reflect and search for answers, but should we just bother ourselves with the why? Is it not equally important to ask what, who, and where? Are you baffled? Listen in as I explain and untangle the confusion.